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    The Roller Buddy™ Trigger Point Massager

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    The Roller Buddy™ Trigger Point Massager

    The Relief You Can Stop Looking For!

    When you live an active lifestyle playing sports, enjoy tennis or golf, working out or weightlifting, or just staying on the go your muscles can get tired, sore, and start to slow you down if you’re tense and tight.

    That’s why we developed the ergonomic, super adaptable Roller Buddy™ Trigger Point Massager that uses a flexible, dual roller system to help you massage your muscles, release lactic acid buildup, and recover faster when you need to keep your mobility and flexibility going strong.



    Full-Body Massager

    Far more than a traditional muscle massager! The Roller Buddy™ Massager can be used to massage multiple areas all over the body including your legs, shoulders, neck, arms, calves, and other vital spots where soreness or aches and pains can slow you down.

    The Roller Buddy™ Massager helps release tension, stress, and pain in the muscles by improving natural blood circulation and reducing inflammation to restore mobility and flexibility.

    Target Chronic Inflammation

    This is the best personal massage roller for men and women who suffer from Lateral Epicondylitis, Medial Epicondylitis, or Tendonitis because it can help reduce inflammation, stimulate natural blood flow and circulation, and reduce muscle tension.



    Release Lactic Acid

    Using a pressure point massager over sore, aching muscles can help reduce lactic acid buildup which causes swelling and inflammation; all so you can restore your mobility.


    Relieve Stress and Tension

    Reducing tight muscles and relieving pain across the body can also have a positive effect on your mood because it can relieve stress, anxiety, or tension so you can rest more easily.


    Small and Portable Design

    The shape and lightweight body make it easier to keep in a gym bag, travel carryon, or in a bed side table so you can get the customized tension relief almost anywhere.



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