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    Basinette™ ~ Multiuse Premium Basin

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    Basinette™ ~ Multiuse Premium Basin

    No More Extra Appliances! All You Need Is A Single Basin!

    The Only Basin You'll Ever Need!

    For us to prepare a perfect meal, we will be needing to use different kinds of tools to come up with the required cuts and shapes of our ingredients. We would also want to make sure that everything should be in place and easily available once we have them cut for easy preparation. 

    This will lead us to use multiple tools to achieve our perfect dish. From knives to graters and even basin to put the ingredients in after cutting them or washing them. This is time-consuming and will tend to clutter our preparation table.

    One Basin For Them All!

    This is the only kitchen Appliance you will need for perfect preparation, isn't it such a relief to just be able to do all this preparation with less clutter, equipment and tools! Plus you'll have enough spacious working area and table space to work around with.



     The Basinette™  is A well-designed multifunctional stainless steel basin that can not only be used for shredding, slicing, but also for cleaning, storage, cooking, etc. This is a kitchen tool that can bring you a lot of conveniences, and you will never be rushed in the kitchen again.


    Your Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper!

    with different Julienne Blades, Cut 5mm thick wire / 3mm slicing / cutting knife / 3mm cutting thin wire. Perfect for making low carb and veggie salad.


    High-Quality Filtration and Stainless Steel Material

    The well-designed drainage holes make cleaning easier and save trouble. Anything you can think of in the kitchen can be cleaned, and this can do it for you with satisfaction. Solve your worries of repeatedly pouring water during cleaning, saving you more time.

    With excellent stainless steel material that allows you to place or clean vegetables and knead the dough, and it can also meet your heating needs, boiling soup and noodles. This all-around basin is all you will ever need!




    What is this made of? Is it non-toxic?

    Yes it is non-toxic and made of stainless steel.


    Can I rinse the rice in this bowl too?

    Yes, this is an all-around basin that you can use on almost everything.


    Does the colander fit over the bowl neatly/tightly or does it slide around?

    It fits nicely but not too tight so that it would be easy for it to be removed when needed.


    What is the capacity of the bottom bowl?

    The capacity is 12 liquid liters.


    Can I use it to cook let's say stew or boil water?

    Yes. But please be careful as this is made from stainless steel without a handle.


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