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    Eazy Measure™ Oil Measuring Dispenser

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    Eazy Measure™ Oil Measuring Dispenser


    It's Time To Cook With Precision

    It's no secret that we all guess how much oil is actually supposed to be used while cooking! This can easily lead to extra calories we don't need, poor diet control, over saturation of oil for the food, and let's not forget even dry or burnt food. This works both ways, either we are using too much oil or just simply not enough. We need to find the perfect balance!


    The solution is one button away! Introducing the Eazy Measure™, where design and functionality meet. When that happens you already know you have something special in your hands.



    Enjoy Drip-Free Pouring

    Hate that your hands become greasy every time you need oil to dress salads or if it spills over the kitchen counter? Well, You can now eliminate the hassle of dressing salads and add a distinct flavor to your meals with The Eazy Measure™. Designed with drip-free spout, our dispensers ensure mess-free pouring without spilling, sloping, or leaking.



    Have Control Over Your Pouring 

    Controlling portions of oil is important to get that flavor touch of your salads and meals. Our bottles come equipped with an integrated pump and measuring top that helps you control oil and vinegar dispensing for your foods. 


    Design & Functionality Meet

    You get the best of both worlds. What do we mean, the Eazy Measure™ has an aesthetic design allowing it to look pleasing while sitting on your kitchen counter. It adds more design and brings more creativity to the kitchen, easy to show off, and even easier to spread the word.




    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can the little one also be used for oil?
    Yes, either one or both can be used for oil.
    Are the bottles made of glass?
    Yes, a Glass bottle with a Glass tube inside.
    Silicone wrap and pump around middle and silicone top.
    Is it easy to clean and wash?
    Yes. All parts are easy to take apart and put back together for easy cleaning.
    Is this product dishwasher safe?
    The body is dishwasher safe but the top cover with the pump is not.

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