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Hello Shine & Goodbye Fingerprints


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    Reduce cooking oil waste with ease!

    Spray-O™ Oil/Vinegar Dispenser


    Your Perfect Kitchen Helper!

    Our Eazy Spray™ is the perfect kitchen helper for you! Designed with a built-in mouth spray to provide better control of the amount of oil or seasoning used in cooking.



    Oil Sprayer-healthy eating – wuues

    Multipurpose Health Control

    It is ideal for both home cooking and outdoor grilling that can be used for spraying any oil and seasoning including olive oil, vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon and lime juice, sauce, sherry or wine, and etcControl the amount of oil and start healthy cooking and living! 

    All-around Oil Spray!

    Our Eazy Spray™ is perfect for evenly spraying your favorite oils or liquids on grilled or roasted vegetables, salads, pasta, veggies, bread, pizza, chicken, beef, fish, and more. You can even use it as a vegetable oil spray bottle to spray all your pans before cooking. 


    • Multi-Function. Perfect kitchenware tools for home & kitchen. Fill it with your favorite oils, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry or Marsala wine. And widely used for salad making, cooking, baking, roasting, grilling, frying, BBQ etc.

    • Premium Quality. Made of high quality stainless steel and glass, BPA free and eco-friendly, 100% food safety degree. Smart design of transparent glass pot, you can tell the amount of remaining liquid easily.
    • Easy To Use. The oil sprayer dispenser has a 100ml capacity, simply click upon the pressure pump to spray a fine, even and uniform mist, accurately control the amount of seasoning (vinegar sauce oil wine) when enjoy cooking fun.
    • Easy to Clean. Simple pumping action that produces a fine mist, more uniform in spraying and control the amount of oil per time used in cooking, after use, you can unscrew the lid and rinse with some detergent or warm water.


    • Material: stainless steel, food-grade glass
    • Size: 17.5 cm x 4 cm
    • Capacity: 100 ml 



      As we aim to provide the best customer shopping experience, we offer a 30-day refund policy. Given that you have submitted a receipt or proof of purchase to complete the return.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      How much oil do you get in one mist?

      It's not actually a mist but a very fine spray. And 2-3 sprays may be equivalent to a teaspoon.


      Can I use coconut oil if it's melted?

      Yes, as long as you are using a liquid form of oil, it should not clog the spray or you won't have a hard time spraying the oil.


      What is the raw material made of oil sprayer?

      The container is made of glass and the spray mechanism is made of a hard stainless steel


      Does the oil run down from the spray tip, and need to be wiped frequently?

      No, it should spray nice and neatly that you won't have to wipe it frequently.


      Is this oil sprayer suitable for rapeseed oil?

      There really is no special or required oil that you can only use on this bottle. As long as it is on a liquid form.