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Next Launch Will Be December 20th

Hello Shine & Goodbye Fingerprints

    Hooked By Toss Thrillz®

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    Hooked By Toss Thrillz®

    Think You Can Handle The Pressure?



    Let The Battles Begin



    To win, you need to take actions fast and get the rings on the hook, or you'll end up losing to your opponent.



    The Toss Thrillz game is the perfect tool for every party! It can be used as a drinking game but it is also a lot of fun without alcohol! Instead of the drinking part you can get really creative!



    Each Toss Thrillz Game is carefully handmade of top-notch wood and materials in the industry, you can rest assured that your Toss Thrillz is incredible durable.


    Ready, Aim, Swing!



    The rules are simple. Both players are trying their best to catch the ring on their own hook. Whenever they do, they move the wooden shot cup one step towards their opponent. Once the cup is fully off the opponents edge, you win!