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Next Launch Will Be December 20th

Hello Shine & Goodbye Fingerprints

    Vintally™ Premium Magnetic Privacy Case

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    Vintally™ Premium Magnetic Privacy Case

    The #1 Rated Privacy Phone Case Of 2021!



    Are you always worried your phone is being peeked on? That your mobile banking and payment information will be seen and taken? Afraid that someone always has eyes on your phone screen when you're in public?

    We made the perfect solution. Keep all sensitive information protected and secret. Your phone will never be peeked on by others with our Vintally™ Premium Magnetic Privacy CaseA high grade fully protective case with anti-spy privacy technology all in one! What's not to love?


    What's The Technology?

    This case applies microlouvre optical technology to block side views and fully blacken the screen on your iPhoneIt's only visible to people who directly face the screenVintally securely protects your information including bank info, passwords, photos, chat messages, videos, or anything you are viewing.



    All Around Defense

    Full body metal frame protection & Anti-drop Shock-absorbing design with Raised bezels to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces. Toughened nanoglass back with anti-scratch & anti-dirty frame to protect your phone from getting scratched, shocked & smudged. Premium materials offer unrivaled protection and enhanced durability. 



    Why Do You Need It? 

    Although we all think we know how to keep our phone privacy safe to only us, you would be surprised of how many people saw things over your phone they had no business seeing. Let's take the Train or Bus for example, we sit in a crowded area where it's actually the easiest for people sitting next to or standing over you to see who you're texting or who you are sending money too. Whatever the case may be, It's never safe to leave your phone exposed to the public no matter what the circumstances may be. Keep Safe, Be Safe